Community Solutions & Science Development
Surface Design for Native America

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Inka Uma began building a network in spanish after the attack of Sept 11 2001. Inka left her job on Wall street as art director and designer for a marketing and publishing department where she created canvassing material for fundraising at United Way of Tri-State. She gave up her job and positioning to build a network to restore a community of good business that would change the future of our community as native america.

She was born and raised in New York City to ‘Mache,’ the clan of water dowsers and has devoted her life to restoring our people and our land and water-ways. Our families build the water systems for irrigating our farms. There are five clans to the indigenous of our continent as known as ‘native america’, and they are Inca, Mache, Muni, Aymara and Mapuche and we are not tribal, which are insinuated by foreigners and it spans from northern Canada to the south pole around to New Zealand. Our hemisphere includes the basins of the oceans our people inhabit Hawaii, New Zealand, Greenland and the Bermuda islands. These are names created through invasions from the middle-east of Europe, Africa, and Asia.




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Powerpoint Presentation template –  $300

The Powerpoint template is designed with images and your colors and logo so you can use it every time you have a need for a presentation. Each template comes with a total of a cover design, one chart and 3 pages for your text input. Powerpoint layout services are $65 per hour and adding new pages is $30 per page in production.


Workshops – $60 per person

We offer workshops to help your company grow in your community and help your team with business tools that organize your team and enhance them in their positions. We presenting the opportunity to give workshops that cover areas of how to promote and develop your company to suit your community needs.

– why is my business in my community and will it survive?

– how do we create a new future with the results we have created in our community?

– how to enhance your team with a new paradigm of thinking in the age of change transformation?

– how many times have you lost an employee that understands your business?

– going places with DISC: Dominance, Inspiration, Steadiness and Compliance.

– is there another way to catch your attention?

– why do you have to change your self to change your company’s direction?

– will someone please move my computer (directional success)?

– art workshops to enhance creativity and perfections of group’s attributes.


Image editing – $35 per image

Editing images in photoshop, cropping, resizing, repairing color, saturation or correcting color spots for print production or presentation online. You can also get the photos in other resolutions or as half tones or as monotones, duotones or in grayscale. The images are needed at high resolution [300ppi].


Graphic design or painting textile art or illustration and oil painting – $75 per hour

Designing brochures, creating identity or styles, and publications. As a textile artist I create textures, patterns and any original art. I create different color-ways, t-shirt designs or hand painted collections.


Print production – $65 per hour

Preparing files for print or files that need editing in Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, Word or Powerpoint. Sourcing image for projects online and touching up images in photoshop.


Web Design start-up – $1500

To get us started we need your concept, logo, text (copy), photos, diagrams or tables, your domain name and a sign on to your website server. Website design includes 4 pages; your copy and photos.

Landing Pages – $350 per page

Landing pages are in and never going away because the text is all you need to be found in google servers and spiders these days and if you don’t have one, get one.