Organizational transformation, business process re-engineering consultant

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Matthew has a degree in aerospace mechanical engineering and uses it to transform thinking and practices for business. Organizational & technological transformation has been the central theme of my entire career. Successful organizational change management [OCM], while holding executive positions in 6 different US corporations, when acquisitions required integrating those business units, and four other OCM cycles for clients as a consultant.

Matthew is a NASA engineer that studied for a BSME in aerospace mechanics to build on science and engineer. He has extended his expertise into international business and manufacturing.



Business Assessment – $125 per hour

Matthew can design a business action plan with timing for you to change the direction and/or build new teams to achieve a successful outcome for a new direction. he can also design the concept if you don’t know what to do and assess your financial scope to make sure that you are on track with how you are going to get there. he can also prepare a numerical study of your financial strategies moving forward.


Technical Assistance – $90 per hour

Matthew can explain what tools and webpages you need best and how to maintain them. he will design a plan for your market and business tools and how to manage your promotion. he works the necessary sequence to enhance your website or edit the performance.


Financial Analysis – $90 per hour

Assign yourself a project to determine whether or not your company needs a new direction and that is what Matthew can help you ascertain so you can start a new direction and create a financial future that brings success into your community. as a NASA engineer he understands aspects of numerical analysis.