muscle testing for true living in our bodies

muscletestingKinesthesiology – has to do with muscular strength and connections to your emotional states which is determined by what you wear, hold or ingest.

It’s easy to know if you are healthy or weakened by fibres or flora that you eat. Some testing that you can perform is held by holding a sugar packet and testing your finger strength. Use your index finger and thumb and press them together firmly and if they hurt and feel weakened then you should not be using sugar. Do the same with another item like equal, a sugar substitute, so you can feel the difference in your hand. Make sure to hold one at a time. The other way to test the strength in your body’s kinetics is to say a lie to your self and squeeze your index finger to your thumb and then tell a truth. That is how most advanced mediators and interpreters work to see if someone is telling the truth. The science exists in the aorta and base of your skeletal body. If there is something that is bothering you, that is where it will travel to.

Marketing plans suck!

BookplansBecause no one knows what’s going to happen next! because everyone is using greed to access the plan and not logic.

So what do you do? I’m not going to tell you but I can tell you that you are all not understanding how to market something for a community with good corporate citizens. Who are they? Great people that give back to their community and want to help the community and not just suck their money and monthly salaries, like united way! A non-profit, so they say, that takes monthly pledge processing systems and removes a percentage of your pay checks to give back to the fund in order to give to united way. then they decide every year who they are going to give to.

Some of the salaries that the directors get come from this amount and some of those salaries amounts to the 100 thousands which is unbelievable when the director or CEO doesn’t monitor their expenditure or intake any grants to cover their fame or make their talent worthwhile.

Avoid taking exams for the entitlement so you can be honest about your work

Mr Bean points out to us as designers that taking exams is not about what you know but about how creative and talented you can be to sum up the end result using frankness and how to avoid getting caught because everyone is so stuck on their righteousness.